Backstage tour

A unique opportunity to see how the most grandiose musical of the capital works from the inside. You will discover the main secrets of the legendary production during the tour of the backstage and on stage:

– How many people are involved in each show (spoiler alert – more than 100)

– How the multi-ton scenery moves

– A spectacle, that is happening backstage, unbeknownst to the audience

– How the performers manage to change from restrained chess delegates into eye-catching costumes for the memorable «One Night in Bangkok» performance

– Why the orchestra is at the height of a four-story building and how the double bass player gets up there

– What will happen if the prop supervisor places the chess board incorrectly?

– Why the props were collected all over the country in antique stores and flea markets

– What the make-up shop looks like and how stage costumes differ from the usual bright outfits?

– What technologies allow you to quickly transfer the action of the play from Bangkok airport to Italian Merano

Tour duration is 1 hour.

Age limit is 12+

We are happy to organize special tours for groups of 10 people or more. Please contact our Sales Department at +7 (499) 964-70-17.